How to change a Manual cars Transmission Fluid

by carserviceaccount11. September 2012 14:29
Your about to change your Manuals Transmission fluid but first it's always a good idea to check your transmission fluid. This can be done by pulling out the Transmission dip stick usually located at the back of your engine. If your transmission fluid is low you can simply top it up but placing a very thin funnel or by using a Transmission syringe into the dipstick hole, and pouring in the fluid, until the dipstick reads full.If you pull out the dipstick and the fluid is dirty, and smells burnt then you should consult your mechanic as you may have a problem with your transmission that cannot be solved by changing your transmission fluid.If it’s clear pink or red and still smells sweet, and it’s been at least 30,000km since the last time you changed your transmission fluid, well then your good to go.Remember: Changing your Transmission Fluid in a Manual vehicle is different to changing the Transmission Fluid in an Automatic vehicle So make sure you follow the correct instructions. [More]