How to change a Timing Belt/Cam Belt

by Andrew Automoto2. January 2014 09:59
If you wish to to change your timing belt/Cam Belt here are 28 is also recommended you change the water pump at the same time as your timing belt. Tools you may need:Combination Wrenches , A Socry changing your timing belt here are 28 steps to help you…..It is also recommended you change your Vehicles ket Set , Torque Wrench, A Harmonic Balancer Puller, A Three-jaw Gear Puller, Screwdrivers, Timing Light, Timing Belt Cover Gasket Set, New Timing Belt, Drain Pan, Antifreeze, Jack, Jack stands (Some models may require special tools) [More]

How to change your water Pump

by Andrew Automoto2. January 2014 09:34
Water pumps are driven by the timing belt, or an accessory drive belt that spins a pulley outside of the pump. On different makes and models of cars, the belts can last anywhere between 60,000 to 120,000 kilometres, so you can expect your water pump to last about that long, too.Most vehicles have their water pump behind the timing belts and pulleys in the centre of the engine. The easiest and most obvious way to recognise the water pump will be the hoses coming from it., so one of the easiest things to do, if you’re going to go to all the effort of changing your Timing belt is to change your water pump at the same time. This cuts down cost, and if you’re doing it yourself precious time. [More]

Timing Belts/ Cam Belts

by Andrew Automoto7. September 2012 16:26
One of the most costly but important aspects to your vehicles engine is your timing belt, also knows as the cam belt. While people see Costly and run in the other direction, knowing more about your timing belt and why it's so important to have it replaced when the vehicle manufacturers recommend, could be the difference between paying hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars [More]