When to change a Tyre

by Andrew Automoto29. June 2012 10:23
One of the most common things that require replacement or repair on just about any car is the tyres. No wonder then that, over time, tyres can easily get worn down and will eventually need to be replaced before they lose their traction completely or end up popping while someone is driving the vehicle, which can actually be a very dangerous situation to be in. So knowing what to look for and what signs that signify that a tyre may need replaced is vital to all car owners to make sure that they are driving safely. There are several ways to tell whether a car tyre is in good shape or should be replaced. [More]

How to change a Tyre

by Andrew Automoto29. June 2012 09:34
Make sure that the car is in gear (or in "park" if the car is an automatic) and the emergency brake is set.The first step is to get the spare tyre, jack and tyre iron from the boot of your car. The spare tire is almost always located underneath the floor mat in the boot. If you’re driving SUV, minivan or pickup, the spare tyre is often mounted on the back of the tailgate or underneath the back of vehicle itself. [More]