How often should I change my battery?

by Andrew Automoto21. November 2013 10:02
Car batteries are usually the quite yet strongest member of the vehicle parts. It allows the car to start from the first turn of the key, from the conditions through the high demands from the driver however batteries don’t last forever.[More]

How to change a Car Battery

by Andrew Automoto21. November 2013 10:01
Weather is a big factor in your vehicle batteries problems, so it is always best before changing the battery over that you open the vent caps and check if the solution inside is frozen or if it simply needs a good clean. A white cakey build up around the terminals can mean that the right amount of power is not getting to your battery, you can clean this off with water, baking soda and a scrubbing brush, but just be careful as it is still highly corrosive acid so wearing gloves is recommended.If your battery is covered in stains or is corroding, if it has a crack in it and last but not least if your battery smells like rotten eggs or it smells like it’s burning, your battery is going to need changing. Replacing your car battery can be done with relative ease just remember battery acid is extremely corrosive, don’t let it splash out and don’t spill any on your hands, body, and clothing or even on your car paint. [More]

How do you jump start a car with jumper cables?

by Andrew Automoto21. November 2013 09:59
Before you try jump starting a car you need to find out if your battery is the reason your car isn’t starting. If you turn the key in the ignition and hear the engine cranking then the battery isn’t the problem. However if you turn the key and the car does nothing and you can see that your headlights and dashboard are dim, then there’s a good chance you have a dead battery. [More]