How to change a Fuse

by Andrew Automoto21. November 2013 09:57
Fuses protect all the electrical devices in your car, in such cases if there is an over power flow a fuse can ‘blow’ so the extra electricity does not reach the device. If you decide to change you own fuse you will first need to locate the fuse panel. Your vehicle's manual should provide you direction to where it is located. For most vehicles the fuse panels are on the driver’s side of the dashboard under the steering wheel, if not then they usually on the right or left side under the dashboard or may possibly be in the engine compartment or others are also found in the front driver side under the dashboard or in the glove box. Fuse panel are placed in all different locations just depending on the vehicles, and whether if it’s an old or new car. [More]

How to replace your headlight

by Andrew Automoto21. November 2013 09:51
Replacing your headlight isn't expensive and will mean you have more light and a clearer view when travelling at night. This is safer not just for you, but for other motorists on the road....Replacing your headlight bulb is an easy process, all you need are; [More]