How to Change your Engine Oil and Oil Filter

by Andrew Automoto2. January 2014 15:29
Coolant, water, transmission, brake fluid and gasoline are all important fluids for your vehicle, however no other fluid can cause more negative effects to your vehicle’s engine, than oil if you do not maintain it properly. Overtime the heat of your oil will break down and reduce its lubricating assets, but checking your own engine oil is one of the easiest Automobile maintenance actions you can learn.Changing your engine oil is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your vehicles performance. Here are a few steps to ensure your changing your engine oil correctly and safely: [More]


by Andrew Automoto2. January 2014 09:31
Coolant: A liquid or gas that is used to remove heat from something.Engine Coolant is a fluid that flows through your Engine to prevent it from overheating, by transferring the heat produced by the engine to a device that dissipates the heat. Coolant is used to reduce the temperature of the engine or to stop the water in your engine from freezing in the cooler months. Coolant also prevents rust and corrosion in your radiator, engine and the vehicles heater.[More]

Oil Service

by Andrew Automoto7. September 2012 10:30
One of the most important aspects to keeping your vehicle running smoothly is the Oil service. This helps with the maintance and inner workings of your Engine. Over time your engine oil will gradually lose its lubricating assets, which protects the internal movements of the engine and can cause engine failure. Engine failure can be caused by friction between moving parts inside of your engine, so to prevent engine failure make sure that you change your oil regularly, with the recommended oil for the make and model of your vehicle.[More]