Western Australian Roadworthy laws

by Andrew Automoto22. November 2013 11:51
In Western Australia a roadworthy is not required for private vehicles, however you will need a compliance notice, if you have repaired or built a vehicle from scratch, bringing the vehicle in from overseas, or if you are issued with a compliance notice, or a “Yellow sticker”. [More]

South Australia Roadworthy Laws

by Andrew Automoto22. November 2013 11:49
In South Australia privately owned vehicles do not need to be issued with a road worthy certificate, nor do vehicles transferring registration from another state or vehicle changing ownership. However there are a few circumstances where a vehicle will require an Inspection certificate and to be issued with a roadworthy. These circumstances are: [More]

Baby seats, and seatbelt laws.

by Andrew Automoto21. November 2013 09:48
With a baby on the way, and so much stress already, installing your babies car seat and making sure it’s safe is just another worry. And with new laws having just come in, and the difference between the European laws and Australian laws, it can all become very confusing.... Another law that has been the same for years however has recently been updated somewhat are the laws for drivers and passengers all over the age of 16 so let's clear them up now too.In Australia it is illegal to not be wearing a seatbelt at all times if in a seat that is fitted with one, If you are in an older model car and there is not seat belt provided then you may not be required to wear one this includes the driver of the vehicle. If you are under the age of 16, it falls to the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle to make sure that you are wearing a seat belt. If you are over the age of 16 however you are still accountable and both you and the driver can be fined, there is also a loss of up to 5 demerit points for the driver that can apply.[More]

LPG Roadworthy Laws

by Andrew Automoto21. November 2013 09:42
LPG vehicles all come under one basic standard that they must comply with. The AS/NZS 1425, and if fitted after February 1st 1993, must be fitted with an AS 1425 LPG compliance plate at the time of the conversion, and must have a label fixed conspicuously to the front or rear number plate...........Apart from having a date of installation of the LPG cylinder showing on the vehicle, the LPG system must be free of leaks, and all components must be secure and free from damage for the and deterioration. If you purchase a vehicle second hand sometimes it is not knows when the LPG cylinder was installed, if this is the case the LPG tank date stamp should be used to determine the date of the installation.[More]

Victorian registration and roadworthy Laws

by Andrew Automoto18. September 2012 16:12
There is always a lot of confusion about road worthy certificates and selling vehicles…..Let me clear it up for you right now. If you are selling the vehicle it is recommended you have a Roadworthy Certificate and a transfer form, it is not a Legal requirement. If you sell the vehicle without a roadworthy even if you have sent the transfer forms through, the vehicle will not be transferred out of your name until an original copy of a current roadworthy is presented to Vic roads. This means that any fines, or complaints against your vehicle will all be sent to you! The Victorian police and Vic roads, will not be obligated to remove any fines from your name if the new owners do not accept fault.[More]

Tasmania Roadworthy Laws

by Andrew Automoto17. September 2012 12:24
In Tasmania a Roadworthy is not a legal requirement for your vehicle, however they do have the formal vehicle inspection in place. So what does this mean? The Tasmanian government have brought a Defective Vehicle and Random Vehicle Inspection scheme. The Defective Vehicle call-in means that you are issued with a Defective vehicle notice, by the police if they observe your vehicle for a period of time and deem it un-roadworthy, or if a member of the public have made a complaint against your vehicle.[More]