Brake Pads, what they do and when to change them.

by Andrew Automoto21. November 2013 10:32
The lifespan of your brake pads depends of a range of variables from your personal driving style to the quality you buy, to the laws of physics. Most service centres check your brakes every service, as they are one of the most important safety features on your vehicle....Changing your brake pads to soon is much better than changing them too late. There is no such thing as lifetime brake pads![More]

How to change your brake pads

by Andrew Automoto21. November 2013 10:30
It's time to change your Brake pads, well here are 17 steps to safely change your Brake pads, to make sure you have optimal stopping ability!!............. Remember your brakes are for everyone on the roads safety as well as yours so it is very important that you check and replace your brake pads, or have an authorised service centre for you. [More]