Windscreen Wipers and when to change them!

by Andrew Automoto22. November 2013 09:19
Because the blade is made from rubber and being on the outside of your car is subjected to all the elements you do need to change your windscreen wipers! An easy way to tell if you need new wipers is to pull the rubber blade away from the wind screen. If the blade comes away from the glass with little resistance then, it's time for new wind screen wiper arms. However you will find it is usually the rubber blade of the windscreen wiper that needs to be replaced. [More]

How to change your Windscreen wiper blades

by Andrew Automoto22. November 2013 09:16
Be careful when removing the windscreen wiper blades, the wiper arm is metal and your windshield is glass. One clumsy move and you could scratch or crack the windshield - this would not be good....Now you have changed your windscreen wipers check to make sure your wiper fluid is full. This means opening the bonnet, and on the left hand side there is usually a clear looking funnel with a lid and this picture [More]