Australian Capital Territory Registration and Roadworthy laws

by Andrew Automoto22. November 2013 09:47

In our Capital Territory of Australia, roadworthy laws are very similar to that of Victoria’s. A Roadworthy still looks at your, Tyres, brakes, suspension, safety features, windscreen, etc however in the ACT, you do not need a roadworthy to sell your vehicle if it is still registered, you just need to transfer all the paperwork over. In the Australian Capital Territory your Roadworthy must be done by an Authorised Roadworthy Test Examiner.

In the Australian Capital Territory you will need a roadworthy for your vehicle if:

  •        It is a brand new vehicle being registered for the first time.
  •                Transferring the ownership of the vehicle that is over 6 years old
  •        Transferring interstate registration over
  •        A vehicle is being re-registered and has not been registered for 12 months or over
  •        The vehicle is issued with a defect notice

if your vehicle runs on natural gas, or propane then they will be required to have annual gas inspections at an authorised test centre. This is mandatory!!!

Once a vehicle is registered in Canberra it generally does not need another roadworthy if it doesn’t change owners and stays registered, or if it runs on LPG. However, the Australian Capital Territory has a random inspection scheme, which means vehicles can be spot checked and if defects are discovered, a defect notice can be issued in which case the owner of the vehicle will be required to undergo a roadworthy inspection and have the defects repaired.

You have 14 days from the date the defect notice is issued to clear any defects. Your roadworthy certificate is valid for 30 days from the date the vehicle passes the roadworthy. The roadworthy can be taken in to the Connect shopfront for the vehicle to then be registered.

The cost of a Roadworthy certificate is added into your inspection fee, however some roadworthy examination centres will charge an extra $14.40 to re-examine the vehicle after the defects have been repaired.  

The cost of the vehicles Inspection fee

Type of Vehicle


Re-inspection Fees




Cars under 4.5 tonne



Vehicles over 4.5 tonne



Trailers under 4.5 tonne



Trailers over 4.5 tonne



Identity inspection



Written off vehicle inspection



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