by Andrew Automoto2. January 2014 09:31

 Coolant: A liquid or gas that is used to remove heat from something.

Engine Coolant is a fluid that flows through your Engine to prevent it from overheating, by transferring the heat produced by the engine to a device that dissipates the heat. Coolant is used to reduce the temperature of the engine or to stop the water in your engine from freezing in the cooler months. Coolant also prevents rust and corrosion in your radiator, engine and the vehicles heater.

In short Coolant is what keeps your engine temperature stable during all climates and driving conditions.

So when should you change your Coolant now you know all about it?
Some Coolants are long life, and some owner manuals tell you to change your coolant every 5-10years, however not having enough coolant in your vehicle can cause the radiator to crack or your engine to overheat, and so it is suggested your coolant be changed every 30000km or every 2years depending on what comes first. Changing your Engine Coolant regularly will also avoid corrosion in your water pump and bearings

Engine coolant can be disposed of at most shell petrol stations for a small fee, or send it to your local mechanic. Tipping Engine coolant on your garden or grass, will cause the garden/grass to die and it will be a while before it begins to grow back…Alternatively contact your local tip, most tips have a hazardous waste drop off centre for a small fee

For information on how to change your coolant see - How to change your coolant.

If you would like to speak to an authorised mechanic or your authorised dealer see

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