How much will a victorian Roadworthy cost?

by Andrew Automoto22. November 2013 11:17

Roadworthy certificates can vary in cost depending on the age of your vehicle, the type of vehicle, the condition of the vehicle and to some degree the service centre. All Roadworthy inspections and certificates are done by a licensed Roadworthy tester, approved by Vic Roads, and can cost anywhere from $170.00 - $200. 

Victorian Roadworthy inspections can seem exorbitant compared to the rest of Australia, however under new Inspection laws, the service centre doing the roadworthy must take pictures of the vehicle and keep the pictures and roadworthy inspection report on file for 7 years. This does not mean that the Roadworthy is valid for 7 years!! A roadworthy is valid for 30 days from the issue date. If you fail the initial Roadworthy inspection you then have 7 days to have the vehicles defects repaired and to take it back to your service centre for further inspection and a roadworthy certificate for no further costs. A roadworthy inspection is just that and does not include the cost of any repairs.

For an quote on a roadworthy visit and to find your closest authorised licensed inspection centre visit:


For Road worthy laws see

-Victorian Road worthy Laws.