How often should I change my battery?

by Andrew Automoto21. November 2013 10:02


Car batteries are usually the quite yet strongest member of the vehicle parts. It allows the car to start from the first turn of the key, from the conditions through the high demands from the driver however batteries don’t last forever.

You should change your car battery every 3-4 years however the common signs  of the battery drying are; if your car does not start the first time, even if your vehicle has new spark plugs and if you notice your headlights dimming and other electronic usage don’t seem to work accurately. Even when it does give out, there are generally no signs of trouble, your car just dies.

However before you start to replace the car battery be sure to get it checked out by your trusted mechanic who will also check if your alternator is faulty.  If the Alternator is faulty the car battery will not be fully charged and this may be what’s preventing the car battery to work to its full power.

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