How to change my Power Steering Fluid.

by Andrew Automoto21. November 2013 13:06

Changing your Power Steering Fluid isn't a hard job, ask a mate to help you. Their job isn't hard and requires very minimal effort, but it will make the your job easier and the changing much quicker.

  1.    Open your bonnet and remove the filter from the top of your power steering system     
  2.       Find the Power steering reservoir, usually located under the ‘overflow’ tank on the radiator
  3.       Disconnect the reservoir’s hose, located on the bottom of the power steering reservoir.  This is just a nipple with a soft line running off it.  
  4.       Replace the reservoir hose with another hose, usually a garden hose will suffice. Make sure the other end lead down into an old empty container.
  5.      Jack up the front of your car, but make sure you put chocks behind the rear wheels to keep it from rolling - If you don't have a friend helping you go to step 7.
  6.      Now have the person helping you turn on the car and turn the steering wheel from side to side continuously.
  7.      While your friend is turning the steering wheel add new power steering fluid into the top of the reservoir making sure to keep it full.(now you can go back to step 6)
  8.      You will notice all the brown steering fluid flowing out while you are pouring in the new Power Steering fluid.
  9.      When the fluid coming out of the engine looks about the same as the new Fluid you are pouring in, shut off your engine and remove the hose and container you attached, then re-attach the reservoir hose.
  10.    Fill the reservoir with more Power steering fluid to bring it up to the max level indicated
  11.    Get your friend (or do it yourself if no-ones there to help you) to start the engine again and turn the steering wheel from side to side until the reservoir in no longer foamy.
  12.    The engine may groan a little while this is happening but it is just working all the air out of the reservoir and it will soon quiet down.
  13.    When the engine stops groaning, but with the car still running, pour in more Power steering fluid, but make sure your mate is still turning the wheel. If you don't have a friend helping you turn the vehicle off to add more Power steering fluid, then turn the vehicle on and turn the wheel a couple more times!
  14.    Now turn off the engine, and wait for a couple of minutes to make sure the fluid doesn’t rise. If it does there’s still air in the system so start the car and turn the steering wheel from side to side again. Sometimes the system won’t get rid of the air completely until you go for your first proper drive.
  15.     Now replace your reservoir cap, and close the bonnet, and you're done!!


If you don't understand any of the above instructions please get an authorised service center or mechanic to carry out the works. To find you closest service centre visit


If you would like to find about brands or what Power steering fluid is see - Power Steering fluid and when to change it.


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