How to change your Windscreen wiper blades

by Andrew Automoto22. November 2013 09:16

Be careful when removing the windscreen wiper blades, the wiper arm is metal and your windshield is glass. One clumsy move and you could scratch or crack the windshield - this would not be good.

  1. Make sure that you check when you purchase your new wiper blades that you have bought the style recommended for your vehicle.
  2. To remove the old wiper, pull the entire windscreen wiper away from the windshield, it will stay in the raised position. Push the small tab/pin on the underside of the wiper where it meets the metal arm. With the tab depressed you can slide the wiper off the arm by pulling the centre toward the bottom of the wiper arm
  3. Take the new wiper blades from there packaging and make sure the clip that you pushed to get the old wiper off is still open.
  4. Slide the wiper blade of the arm and insert the clip into the hook until you feel it or hear it lock into place     
  5. Make sure you tug the blade to make sure it’s firmly attached to the arm.
  6. Carefully place your windscreen wiper down against the glass, and repeat on the other side. Don’t forget to do the back windscreen wiper if you have one

Now you have changed your windscreen wipers check to make sure your wiper fluid is full. This means opening the bonnet, and on the left hand side there is usually a clear looking funnel with a lid and this picture

Lift the lid and pour windscreen wiper fluid (purchased from the same place that you purchased your windscreen wipers), or clear water in. Shut the lid and the bonnet.

Now start your car and push the button usually located on the levers on your steering wheel to make sure your windscreen wipers are working! Now your done, and you will be able to see clearly through the windscreen when driving in the rain!


For more information on windscreen wipers see- Windscreen wipers and when to change them

If you do not understand the instructions or would like to find out more information visit for your local authorised mechanic or dealership.

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