Major car service

by Andrew Automoto21. November 2013 10:14

A Major service on your vehicle is recommended every 40,000 – 45,000km. Having a major service on your car is important, it doesn’t matter if you do minor services regulary, vehicles are built with components that need to be replaced, especially if you intend on having your vehicle for more than 3 years. For example, all your belts and hoses in your vehicle are made from rubber, while the manufactured rubber is of a high quality after time rubber does start to brake down, so it is important that you have your belts and hoses checked and if need be replaced at the recommended intervals, otherwise you’ll be paying a lot more that you were originally quoted for a major service.

 A major service consists of

  •          New oil filter
  •          New air filter
  •          New fuel filter
  •          New spark plugs
  •          Replace engine oil
  •          Replace Engine coolant
  •          Check brake  - fluid, lines, and pads and replace if necessary
  •          Check all belts and replace if necessary
  •          Check all lights are working and replace if necessary
  •          Check windscreen wipers and replace if necessary
  •          Safety check
  •          Road test

All different makes and models of cars differ from service to service, and the only true description of all the work involved is to consult your Owner’s manual, or speak to your local authorised mechanic or dealership at:

Pricing on a major service will also differ with the make, model and service of the vehicle to find a rough estimate of your vehicles major service visit