Northern Territory Roadworthy laws

by Andrew Automoto22. November 2013 11:57

The Northern Territory have a simple rule. If your vehicle is under 3 years old and under 4.5 tonnes, before it is registered, renewed or transferred from interstate, it must be inspected and issued with a compliance certificate by an authorised vehicle examiner at the MVR (Motor Vehicle Registry), this is a free inspection. It will then be issued with a registration, if the inspection on the vehicle is passed.

If your vehicle doesn’t pass the compliance inspection you will then need to take your car to your local mechanic to have the problems outlined in your compliance inspection rectified. Before returning to the MVR where you will be required to undergo a Roadworthy Inspection.  

For vehicles over 3 years old or vehicles that exceed 4.5 tonnes a Roadworthy inspection will be necessary before you are able to register your vehicle.

Fees and Charges for Roadworthy Inspections



Type of vehicle


Vehicles under 4.5 tonne


Trailers under 4.5 tonne


Motor bikes


Vehicles over 4.5 tonne




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