Roadworthy Costs

by Andrew Automoto21. November 2013 10:23

In Australia vehicle roadworthy safety is addressed through the National Australian Design Rules (ADR) which sets a minimum standard for the construction of motor vehicles in Australia.

The Australian Goverment has jurisdiction over motor vehicles up to the point that they go on sale. From this point on the States and Territories of Australia are responsible for there own regulations for the vehicles on the road, this includes

  • Licensing
  • Registration
  • Roadworthies
  • Price of roadworthies and registration

Roadworthy costs will differ from state to state and on different vehicle, the Victorian roadworthy laws and how much a Victorian roadworthy costs, is different to that of Queenslands Safety certificates and how much a Queensland Roadworthy costs. In New South Wales they have 2 different types of Roadworthies, they have New South Wales Blue slips/ pink slips and how much for a blue slips and How much is a New South Wales Pink slip

Roadworthy vehicles are those that are fit for use on our roads, and that comply with standard vehicle requirements including wheels and tyres, steering, brakes, seatbelts, lamps and reflectors, exhaust and emission controls, windscreens and wipers and vehicle body and chassis.

Note: Driving a vehicle that is roadworthy is crucial to your safety and that of other road users.