Tasmania Roadworthy Laws

by Andrew Automoto17. September 2012 12:24

In Tasmania a Roadworthy is not a legal requirement for your vehicle, however they do have the formal vehicle inspection in place. So what does this mean? The Tasmanian government have brought in a Defective Vehicle and Random Vehicle Inspection call-in scheme. The Defective Vehicle call-in means that you are issued with a Defective vehicle notice, by the police if they observe your vehicle for a period of time and deem it un-roadworthy, or if a member of the public have made a complaint against your vehicle.

The Random vehicle inspection call-in, allows the Government of Motor Vehicles to call in any vehicle in Tasmania at random for an inspection, to see if the vehicle is safe to be on the road. There are a few exemptions from the random Inspection call-in’s. These are: Vehicles that are due for regular Inspections, or vehicles that were inspected within the last two years.

If you have been chosen for a Random Inspection call-in or issued with a Defective Vehicle notice you will be sent a notice with the details, and what is required of you. You then normally have 14 days to organise and bring your vehicle in to an Approved Inspection centre, have it repaired if necessary and to bring it back to have the inspection centre, to have the defect notice removed. If you are issued with Defect notice you are able to drive your car to and from the inspection centres and the repair centres.

Another reason you will need to have a vehicle inspection is if you are:

  • re-registering a vehicle if the registration has been expired for more than 3 months.
  • Re-registering a vehicle that has been written off, and repaired
  • Registering a vehicle that has been changed from a left to right hand drive.

Some larger vehicles and passenger vehicles need to have an annual vehicle inspection.

The fees for a vehicle inspection for roadworthy, or if the vehicle has been issued with a Major Defect, full vehicle inspection notice, is different from having the defect notice removed, which means that the vehicle has no defects, or that it has had minor defects repaired. The prices will vary but are usually:

Approximate Vehicle Inspection and Defect Removal Fees

Type of vehicle

 Removal of Defect notice Fee

Vehicle inspection Fee

Light Vehicles under 4.5 tonne



Modified vehicles under 4.5 tonne





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To find your local authorised service centre visit www.carservice.com.au/road-worthy/tasmania