Transmission Fluid.

by carserviceaccount11. September 2012 14:51

Transmission fluid is the engines Magenta coloured life blood that runs through your engine, coating the gears and torque converters. All Vehicles whether they’re automatic or Manual need Transmission Fluid! Transmission fluid is usually a clear pink or red liquid, with a very sweet smell.

The majority of vehicles on the roads today have Automatic Transmissions, so need Automatic Transmission fluid, or ATF. Newer Manual vehicles (5 speeds, 6 speeds etc) also require Transmission fluid, depending on the style of vehicle sometimes ATF can also be used, however for all information on the best type of Transmission Fluid for your vehicle see your owners manual or contact your local dealership. The Transmission Fluid, is what lets your transmission switch gears. Even on short drives from your house to the local supermarket your Transmission Fluid is working and will reach 79 oC, which is the optimal temperature. However Transmission Fluid does not always stay at 79 oC. Stop-start traffic, driving long distances at a constant speed, or towing a heavy load can heat up your transmission fluid more than it can handle, which will cause a break down in the Transmission fluid. This is when your gears start to shift roughly or slowly, or both.

It is now that you know that it is time to change your Transmission fluid, before you do serious damage to your gearbox, which can end up costing thousands to fix.

Otherwise there are a lot of different ideas out there about when to change your transmission fluid. First and foremost, go to your owner’s manual and check what it recommends. Don’t have your owner’s manual ? Here is the simple rule about when to change your transmission Fluid.  All vehicles are recommended to have their transmission fluid checked and changed at 40000km-45000km. Some owners manuals state that you don't have to change your Transmission Fluid at all, or until the vehicle is at 100,000km however times and driving conditions have changed. If your over 40000km and never changed your transmission it’s not too late. Changing your transmission fluid is simple. It is sometimes recommended that you flush your Transmission fluid. This is best discussed with your mechanic, but  Changing your transmission fluid for now will suffice.

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