Vehicle Inspections:

by Andrew Automoto22. November 2013 12:01

 A pre-purchase vehicle inspection is usually done before the purchase of a new vehicle to give the purchaser peace of mind that you are getting a vehicle that won’t break down before you get in your driveway.

Vehicle inspections are also done, before you sell the vehicle, before you go on a long drive in the vehicle, or before the warranty on your new car expires!

A pre-purchase vehicle inspection, is an overall view of the external components of the engine and vehicle. Some mechanics do check the engine thoroughly, and will take the vehicle for a test drive. Before booking your vehicle inspection speak to the service centre so you have an understanding of what they're looking for.

 So what’s involved in a Vehicle Inspection?

  • Vehicles body, and if there have been any panel repairs, and they are up to standard
  • Tyres
  • Brakes, and brake lights
  • Clutch and suspension
  • Battery,
  • Tail lights, and head lights
  • Wipers
  • Air-conditioning
  • Exhaust, oil and drive belts.

When you have a vehicle inspection you will then be given an Inspection report, on the condition of the vehicle, with a grade in each box referring to the area of the vehicle and if it is in need of repairs. You will also receive a verbal report, either by phone or in person.

Different states and mechanics will charge different prices for Vehicle inspections or Pre-purchase inspection.

  • In Victoria the RACV will organise a pre-purchase inspection for $255 non-members or $190 for RACV members, however they will travel to site to inspect the vehicle, or you can contact your local mechanic to organise a vehicle inspection. Inspections usually cost between $80 - $120 at your local mechanic however you will need to bring the vehicle to the workshop for inspection.
  • In New South Wales and the ACT the NRMA are you best choice for Pre-purchase or vehicle inspections. Inspections will cost $269 for non-members and $249 for NRMA members, who will travel to site for the inspection
  • In Western Australia a pre-purchase inspection can be done by your local mechanic and usually cost between $130 - $165
  • In Queensland most mechanics do either a 62point or 150 point pre-purchase inspection. The difference in the inspections are whether they get into the inner workings of the vehicle or not. Vehicle inspections in Queensland range between $125 - $195 depending on the Inspection you want.
  • In Tasmania your pre-purchase inspections can be done by your local garage for around $95.00
  • South Australia also has the 62 point or 150 point pre-purchae inspection option. the prices range from $94 - $199, depending on the inspection you choose.
  • In the Northern Territory pre-purchase vehicle inspections are not usually needed as any car over 3 years old is required to go to the MVR to receive a compliance certificate, which is free of charge before being registered.


Remember a Vehicle inspection is only that, there may be areas on the vehicle that need to be repaired before the vehicle is completely road worthy. For Road worthy certificates you will need to contact your states vehicle licencing centre, or your local authorised service centre.

For more information on vehicle inspections and Road worthy's see

- Australia Capital Territory Registration and Roadworthy laws

- New South Wales inspection Blue slips/pink slips laws

- Queensland Safety certificates and vehicle inspection laws

- Northern Territory registration and roadworthy laws

- South Australia Roadworthy laws

- Tasmania Road Worthy laws

- Victoria registration and roadworthy laws

- Western Australia Compliance certificate

To find your local authorised service centre visit