Victorian registration and roadworthy Laws

by Andrew Automoto18. September 2012 16:12

In Victoria your vehicle is registered every year for a once a year fee, which means you are legally able to drive on Victoria's roads, but if you forget to pay for your registration not only could you receive a hefty fine but if more than three months have passed you will need a Roadworthy certificate. A Roadworthy certificate is also needed if you are changing from an interstate registration to a Victorian registration, if you have been issued with a Vehicle Defect notice by the police, or if you are selling the vehicle.

There is always a lot of confusion about road worthy certificates and selling vehicles…..Let me clear it up for you right now. If you are selling the vehicle it is recommended you have a Roadworthy Certificate and a transfer form, it is not a Legal requirement. If you sell the vehicle without a roadworthy even if you have sent the transfer forms through, the vehicle will not be transferred out of your name until an original copy of a current roadworthy is presented to Vic roads. This means that any fines, or complaints against your vehicle will all be sent to you! The Victorian police and Vic roads, will not be obligated to remove any fines from your name if the new owners do not accept fault.

A Roadworthy certificate can only be issued by a Licensed Vehicle Tester. Before a certificate can be issued the vehicle will need to pass a roadworthy inspection. The inspection notice will last 7 days, in that time you will need to repair any defects and return it to the same service centre for inspection and to be issued a Roadworthy certificate for no extra charge. You can receive as many Roadworthy inspections as you like from different licensed service centres however, you will need to pay for each Roadworthy inspection and certificate you receive.

A roadworthy is an inspection of the safety components of the vehicle to make sure they are not worn or broken and that the vehicle will not provide a hazard during normal road use. A Roadworthy inspection is not a mechanical inspection.

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