Western Australian Roadworthy laws

by Andrew Automoto22. November 2013 11:51

In Western Australia a roadworthy is not required for private vehicles, however you will need a compliance notice, if you have repaired or built a vehicle from scratch, bringing the vehicle in from overseas, or if you are issued with a compliance notice, or a “Yellow sticker”.

In Western Australia, a compliance notice can be issued by a:

  • Police Officer;
  • Licensing Vehicle Examiner;
  • Authorised Vehicle Examiner,
  • Wardens operating with the Dealer Compliance Unit;
  • Wardens operating with the Omnibus Section of Licensing;
  • Authorised school bus inspectors;
  • Wardens operating with the Road Transport Compliance Unit; and
  • Authorised Regional Coordinators operating in rural areas of W.A.

If you are issued with a compliance notice you will then need to find an authorised vehicle examination centre, to issue your vehicle with a "Compliance certificate" or a list of all the area that need to be fixed on your vehicle so it passes it’s vehicle examination. Most service centres that do the vehicle examinations for the Compliance Certificate, are also service centres and will be able to help you fix the issues with your vehicle. Others will not be able to help you and so you will be required to get a moving permit. This is a daily permit, that you need to pay for which means you can drive your vehicle to your local mechanic. Moving your vehicle without a moving permit after it has been issues with a Compliance Notice could end in a large fine, or higher penalty from the police.

Once your vehicles issues have been fixed you can then go back to an authorised vehicle inspector to be issued with a compliance certificate and roadworthy.

Remember some commercial or heavy vehicles are required to have annual vehicle inspections, and if you are selling your vehicle they must be fitted with an immobiliser if they are not already. These cost around $200 and will immobilise the engine, fuel or starter in your vehicle if someone tries to steal it, without the correct token or key.

Compliance Inspection Fees

Type of vehicle

 Initial examination Fee

Re-examination Fee

Light Vehicles under 4.5 tonne



Caravans and trailers






Other light vehicles



Heavy vehicles over 4.5 tonne



Your temporary movement fee will cost $21.00 which includes your compulsory 3rd party insurance.


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To find you local Authorised dealer or service centre visit www.carservice.com.au/road-worthy/western-australia