Windscreen Wipers and when to change them!

by Andrew Automoto22. November 2013 09:19

Windscreen wipers or Windshield wipers, depending on what part of the English speaking world you are from, are a device used to remove, rain/water and debris from your windscreen/windshield. A windscreen wiper generally consists of an arm, pivoting at one end and with a long rubber blade attached to the other. The rubber blade swings back and forth over the glass pushing anything on the windscreen from the surface. The speed of the windscreen is normally adjustable.

Because the blade is made from rubber and being on the outside of your car is subjected to all the elements you do need to change your windscreen wipers! An easy way to tell if you need new wipers is to pull the rubber blade away from the wind screen. If the blade comes away from the glass with little resistance then, it's time for new wind screen wiper arms. However you will find it is usually the rubber blade of the windscreen wiper that needs to be replaced.

A simple indication of when to change your wiper blades? If the windscreen wipers don’t wipe the water off the windscreen and there are streaks or the blades chatter against the glass of the windscreen, then it is time to replace the rubber blades of the windscreen wipers. Another simple indication of when to change your wiper blades, is if the rubber is cracked, nicked or torn.

Otherwise it is usually recommended that the windscreen wiper blades be changed every 6 to 12 months. So what are the best types of windscreen wiper blades?

There are a lot of different types of wiper blades to choose from. However there are a few factors to consider when choosing the best windscreen wipers and wiper blades for your car, for example your climate and year round weather.

Silicone wiper blades are basically the same as standard Wiper blades The main difference is the Blade is made of silicone rather than rubber. Silicone wiper blades give the driver better vision, and clarity, and last longer than your rubber blades.

For people in the colder area of where snow and ice becomes a problem in the colder months there are Winter Windscreen Wipers. Winter wiper blades are made to specifically deal with snow and Ice that accumulates on your Windscreen during the winter months. The blade is made with a tough rubber that is not as flexible as your standard Wiper Blades. There is also Shaker Windscreen wipers that actually vibrate against the windscreen to help dislodge snow and ice, or the Heated Winter Windscreen wiper blades, that have a heating mechanism in the blade, that melts the snow and Ice that accumulates on your windscreen.

As for the most common brand of windscreen wipers these in Australia are:

  •          Bosch
  •          PIAA-Silicone
  •                    Michellin
  •          Rain-X
  •          Trico
  •          Aunger

To change your windscreen wipers see - How to change my Windscreen Wipers

or visit to find you local authorised mechanic or dealership.