Victorian registration and roadworthy Laws

by Andrew Automoto18. September 2012 16:12
There is always a lot of confusion about road worthy certificates and selling vehicles…..Let me clear it up for you right now. If you are selling the vehicle it is recommended you have a Roadworthy Certificate and a transfer form, it is not a Legal requirement. If you sell the vehicle without a roadworthy even if you have sent the transfer forms through, the vehicle will not be transferred out of your name until an original copy of a current roadworthy is presented to Vic roads. This means that any fines, or complaints against your vehicle will all be sent to you! The Victorian police and Vic roads, will not be obligated to remove any fines from your name if the new owners do not accept fault.[More]

Tasmania Roadworthy Laws

by Andrew Automoto17. September 2012 12:24
In Tasmania a Roadworthy is not a legal requirement for your vehicle, however they do have the formal vehicle inspection in place. So what does this mean? The Tasmanian government have brought a Defective Vehicle and Random Vehicle Inspection scheme. The Defective Vehicle call-in means that you are issued with a Defective vehicle notice, by the police if they observe your vehicle for a period of time and deem it un-roadworthy, or if a member of the public have made a complaint against your vehicle.[More]

Timing Belts/ Cam Belts

by Andrew Automoto7. September 2012 16:26
One of the most costly but important aspects to your vehicles engine is your timing belt, also knows as the cam belt. While people see Costly and run in the other direction, knowing more about your timing belt and why it's so important to have it replaced when the vehicle manufacturers recommend, could be the difference between paying hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars [More]

Oil Service

by Andrew Automoto7. September 2012 10:30
One of the most important aspects to keeping your vehicle running smoothly is the Oil service. This helps with the maintance and inner workings of your Engine. Over time your engine oil will gradually lose its lubricating assets, which protects the internal movements of the engine and can cause engine failure. Engine failure can be caused by friction between moving parts inside of your engine, so to prevent engine failure make sure that you change your oil regularly, with the recommended oil for the make and model of your vehicle.[More]

Holden recall notice for Captiva, Barina, Epica and Viva

by Andrew Automoto6. September 2012 14:15
A potential brake fault has caused one of the biggest recalls in Holden's history. GM Holden is recalling 51,387 of its Korean-built Captiva, Barina, Epica and Viva models after the Korean arm of General Motors found corrosion issues in the brake control unit. The official GM Holden recall notice says this could lead to reduced brake performance or a "spongy" low brake pedal. Unusually, the recall applies to four different types of vehicle from a light city car to a family SUV. All were built before last year GM Holden spokesperson Kate Lonsdale told the Herald-Sun there have been no incidents of this occurring in Australia. "It has come from a GM Korea initiated recall, we've not actually picked up the condition here," she says. The recall covers 8195 model-year Barina hatches and sedans, 27,778 Series I Captiva SUVs, 3723 Epica sedans and 11,691 Vivas. "Although we haven't seen the condition here, there is still the potential so we want to bring the cars in to double-check as a precautionary measure," Lonsdale adds. Holden will be contacting registered owners by mail or alternatively you can contact your nearest Holden Service Centre.  Search

When to change a Tyre

by Andrew Automoto29. June 2012 10:23
One of the most common things that require replacement or repair on just about any car is the tyres. No wonder then that, over time, tyres can easily get worn down and will eventually need to be replaced before they lose their traction completely or end up popping while someone is driving the vehicle, which can actually be a very dangerous situation to be in. So knowing what to look for and what signs that signify that a tyre may need replaced is vital to all car owners to make sure that they are driving safely. There are several ways to tell whether a car tyre is in good shape or should be replaced. [More]

How to change a Tyre

by Andrew Automoto29. June 2012 09:34
Make sure that the car is in gear (or in "park" if the car is an automatic) and the emergency brake is set.The first step is to get the spare tyre, jack and tyre iron from the boot of your car. The spare tire is almost always located underneath the floor mat in the boot. If you’re driving SUV, minivan or pickup, the spare tyre is often mounted on the back of the tailgate or underneath the back of vehicle itself. [More]